Lost or Found a Pet?


Contact the following accounts to post about your missing pets:

@lost_animals_qtr, @g6awaa, @pawmise.adoptions, @individual_beings_of_qatar, @furrygooddeedsqatar, @pawmise.rescue, @cats4adoptionqatar, @klaabna

Place an item with your scent or theirs outside, this can be a piece of clothing, their blankets or bedding and specifically for cats: their used litter scattered outside your home.

Contact the vet clinics to keep an eye out for your pet, provide a detailed description and any distinguishing marks. If your pet is microchipped, provide the microchip number in the event that they are scanned.

Make ‘missing’ posters and hang them around your area.

Search at night when it is quiet, take their favorite toys or treats and walk around your neighborhood. Most animals stay within the same distance of their homes, search your yard, your neighbors’ houses, any parks and construction sites.

Check out websites like Mzad Qatar and OLX, occasionally people unfortunately sell animals they find.


Are they injured?

The best course of action is to immediately check which vet is open or closest in your area. Even if you are financially unable to: explain the situation to the vet and contact the accounts above to post about collecting contributions for your case. NEVER collect money from people — this is illegal in the State of Qatar. Ask any kind people to deposit money directly under your name at the vet clinic and provide you proof of receipt or donate food/items instead.

If they are not injured:

If you are able to, take them home with you or provide them food and water.

If you are able to, take them to the vet to scan for a microchip. If microchipped, do not share the number — simply state that they are microchipped.

Take clear pictures of their face and body, and post on the same accounts mentioned above.

Once someone does contact you, make sure to follow these steps to ensure they are their owner:

1. If the pet is microchipped, ask them for the microchip number and details they have entered on Pet Safe Qatar: address, phone number, etc.
2. Ask them for solid proof of ownership: how long they have been missing, pictures with dates, the pet’s name (to test if they respond), gender if you have not mentioned it, any distinguishing marks they would have.