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Check out our current list of cats and dogs that are ready for adoption! Please click to apply and we will get back to you soon. We usually take around 3-5 days to respond due to our busy days!
Cats with icons in their name are special needs, their needs are listed in their bios.

Cora ⚘

Cora was born with a birth defect. Occasionally she can walk on her legs while at other times she drags them. Other than that, she is a sassy girl who loves attention. Cora has no preference to other cats and would get along great with kids. 

Caine ⚘

Caine is a shy girl who would need someone patient as she warms up to them. When she does, she becomes a super sweet cat who adores playing. It is preferable that Caine is not adopted into a home with kids under 10. 


Willa has been diagnosed with FIP. She is currently undergoing treatment and will become available soon. Willa would prefer a home with older kids and no other cats. 

Lulu ⚘

Lulu is a special needs girl who was once paralyzed from a car accident.  She has come a long way and has always been so loving. Because of her injury, she does occasionally have accidents where she leaks pee but that’s nothing a diaper can’t stop! She would do great with other cats and kids but has not been dog tested.

Sharikhan ⚘

This handsome boy was stuck in a car engine and left to die. As a result of that, he lost his eye but that does not stop him. He is one of the sweetest cats who adores playing and cuddling. He gets along great with other cats and kids, he has not been dog tested.

Farrah ⚘

Farrah became blind through catching an eye infection. She is such an affectionate girl and would do great with other cats! Has not been dog tested and would do great with kids over 12. 


Elena is a sweet but shy girl who likes quiet places. She is a big cuddle bug and was rescued off the streets. Her ideal home would be either with cats or without, and kids older than 10, has not been dog tested. 

Jerome ⚘

Jerome’s eyes had to be removed as they succumbed to an eye infection. He is quite sensitive to his surroundings and would prefer a quieter home with no other cats, dogs and older kids only. 

Sally ⚘

Sally has Cerebellar Hypoplasia which means she’s just a little wobbly! It does not stop her from demanding cuddles and following you around until she gets them! She would do great in a house with no dogs or other cats and preferably older kids. 

Sasha ⚘

Sasha is a funny little guy. He was rescued as a baby and had caught calicivirus. Unfortunately the virus did cause some neurological damage, he occasionally wobbles. He loves to explore and play and would do great with kids and other cats. He is not dog test but given his personality, he’d do great with them as well. 


Floof was part of a big rescue from a hoarding breeder. She is very sweet, gentle and enjoys her independence. She gets along well with other cats but has not been dog tested. She’d be great in a home with kids older than 10.


Chestnut is nothing but a sweetheart! He is a big teddy bear who is often bullied by other cats. He’d do great in a home with no other cats and kids over 10. He is not dog tested.


Witch was surrendered and is known as the “giant teddy bear!” His favorite things to do are to cuddle and eat. He does get bullied often so he would do best in a home with no other cats or just one other cat. He has not been dog tested and would do great with kids of all ages. 

Sweetie ⚘

Sweetie lost her eyes due to an infection not being treated. She is a little shy but she absolutely loves attention. Her loss of vision does not stop her and she would do great in a home with kids older than 12. 


Daisy is a gentle shy girl. She does need patience in order to warm up to people but once she does, she becomes a love bug! She would do great with other cats and kids older than 10. She has not been dog tested. 

Yuppi ⚘

Yuppi’s eyes were infected and unfortunately she has weak vision because of it. She adores attention and love. Her weaker vision would not stop her from being around other cats and kids older than 10. She is not dog tested. 

Ezra ⚘

If you are looking for a big ball of love, Ezra is the one for you! He absolutely adores cuddles and attention. He did have an eye infection that unfortunately took his left eye but it does not bother him at all. He would do great with kids older than 6, cats and although not tested with dogs, he’d be just fine!

King Arthur

I rule all (with kisses)


I absolutely adore cuddles!

Beyonce ⚘

Who runs the world? This girl, she loves her alone time as much as her pets. She doesn’t let her bowed leg stop her. 



Pistachio is one of our best rescue success stories! She was found with a broken hip and a hernia, deemed paralyzed. She has slowly been recovering, and is now able to walk on her own. She would do great in a home with other cats, kids but has not been dog tested.


Stevie is one of the bigger kitties! She’s a sweet girl who was found on the street with a bad case of mastitis (infected breast duct) With no kittens around, she was taken in for treatment. She adores cuddles, napping and exploring. Her easy going personality makes her quite great around kids, cats and potentially dogs if introductions are done slowly.

Florence ⚘

Florence is a shy girl who needs some time to warm up. She has a condition called nystagmus, where her eyes shake but that does not affect her in any way. She would do best as an only cat and in a home with no dogs. Kids older than 12 would be best



Olaf is one of the sweetest boys around! He was surrendered as a blood donor for other injured cats and managed to help us save both. He adores attention and would do best in a one cat household with kids older than 6. He has not been dog tested.


If not adopted locally, he will be looking for a foster to fly to Turkey.

Feather ⚘

Feather is nicknamed the
little parrot! She loves to climb shoulders to achieve the maximum attention possible. While she is 2, her tiny figure often gets her mistaken for a kitten.
She is a very 
carefree girl who would do great with kids, dogs and other cats.